After nearly a decade away from the game of golf, everything was new to me again. Here are the videos that I studied and used to get to my 2.4 Handicap.


Video duration: 13:31

Top 5 driving tips // Me & My golf

Hosted by PGA Golf Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward. These guys are one of our favorite coaches to follow. Check them out!

Video duration: 3:37
How to fix your drive slice // rickie fowler

Rickie Fowler and Butch Harmon go into likely reasons why slices typically happen and how to alleviate them.

Video duration: 3:19
How to drive longer // Golf with aimee

Aimee shares basic tips for hitting drives longer. Spoiler: it has to do with your core.

Video duration: 3:25
How to approach the ball on a drive // Golf with aimee

Aimee goes over a Q&A session on how to approach the golf ball for effective shots


Video duration: 2:56
Chipping 101 // phil mickelson

This video highlights three basic tips for effective chipping: 1) Weight position 2) Hand position 3) How to address the ball for a low or high trajectory.

Video duration: 3:15
chipping from the rough // phil mickelson

This video highlights how to chip from the rough. Phil Mickelson covers if the ball is buried in deep rough or light rough and how to make the ball stop or keep rolling once it hits the green.

Video duration: 2:23
chipping over a bunker // rickie fowler

This is an important technique for beginning golfers; when your ball is laying with a bunker between you and the green, you need to hit the ball over the bunker yet have it stop on the green. PGA Tour Legend Rickie Fowler presents proper technique.


Video duration: 2:39
how to pitch // phil mickelson

The majority of all golf shots are within 50 yards on the green. In this video Phil Mickelson shares best practices from 20, 30, 40, & 50 yards out from the green.

Video duration: 0:54
the 50 yard shot // phil mickelson

Quick tip from Phil Mickelson on how to hit a shot from 50 yards. Hint:  A shorter backswing with aggressive acceleration into the ball.


Video duration: 23:16
Pure your irons // Me and my golf

Hands down one of the best videos to work on your irons. I’ve tested a lot swing processes and this is the one that I recommend. These guys are really great at walking you through the process. 

Video duration: 4:51
Best tips for hitting your irons // Rick Shiels

PGA Professional Rick Shiels shares best practices for hitting your irons. The video also shares some practice exercises.

Video duration: 5:55
shaping your irons // phil mickelson

Phil Mickelson discusses how to shape your shot with long irons (note: this is for more advanced golfers and show offs).


Video duration: 08:46
Want to hole more putts? // rick shiels

Put ball on a line, pick a speed, learn to read the green.

GVideo duration: 09:46
How to become the ultimate putter (jason day) // Me and my golf

Me and My Golf takes us along to learn from Jason Day, one of the best putters in the game.

Video duration: 02:08
Phil Michelson’s go-to putting drill // odyssey golf

Phil Mickelson gives you the trick behind his infamous circle drill.

Phil’s brand of putter

fitness & nutrition

Video duration: 20:42
Yoga for Golfers with Adriene

20 minute Yoga sequence to help find stability in your core, increase range of motion, improving spine flexibility and mental focus.

Great all purpose Yoga Mat

Video duration: 16:32
Yoga for Golfers with Kissandra

Exercises to opens your hips, shoulders and lower back.

Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

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